Perhaps your loved one needs a few hours of help each day to assist with bathing or dressing, light housekeeping or companionship. Or if you are an adult child caring for an elderly parent, maybe a full day of service to give you time to relax while your loved one is carefully cared for.

Who will you call if your loved one wants to remain in their own home, but cannot be there alone? A Kind Heart Home Care is the solution you can count on and know we will help , and assist with the decisions of what type of services are needed and for how long.

What happens when you begin services?

A Registered Nurse will visit the home and conduct a physical and safety assessment, giving you recommendations to keep the home safe. If a caregiver is needed, the nurse will discuss a care plan with you, your loved one and the caregiver, and then orient the caregiver to your specific care plan. After services begin, the Care Manager will make periodic home visits to reassess the needs, discuss how the care plan is meeting your needs and supervise the caregiver.


Our services include an individual care plan focusing on the specific needs of each client. This tool allows our caregiver to offer superior personalized care. It is our goal to meet all your home care service needs. We work in concert with you and your loved one to make sure just the right collection of services serves the right needs. This collection of services may be changed any time – adding or subtracting services. The choice is up to you and your loved one.

Our caregivers visit your loved one’s home or retirement facility to provide any or all of the non-medical services below as well as caring companionship.  This service is provided from 1 – 24 hours per day.

Services may include assistance with …
Light Housekeeping: laundry, light ironing, wash dirty dishes after meals, take out trash, maintin bathroom and living areas, cleanliness, dust and vacuum, make bed, change linens.

Personal Care: Bed bath/sponge bath, tub or shower, shampoo, brush and comb hair, brush teeth, shave, apply make up, provide nail care (clean/file), skin care/non-medicated lotion to dry areas, assist with getting dressed and medication reminders.

Nutrition: Prepare and serve meals according to your loved one’s dietary needs, assist with feeding, encourage or restrict fluids per MD’s orders.

Companionship: Take for walks, shopping and errands, accompany to appointments, read or play games.

Toilet Needs: Assist with bathroom or bedside commode, assist with urinal or bedpan, and incontinence care.

Mobility: Assist with walking (ambulatory), turn and reposition in bed (for the bed bound), transfers to and from bed, chair and wheelchair,  assist with home exercises, range of motion exercises per Physical Therapist or MD’s orders.

A Kind Heart Home Care has a proven history of assisting those with:

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To name a few.